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(October 2013) Commission launches 'Opening up Education' to boost Innovation and Digital Skills in Schools and Universities


More than 60% of nine year olds in the EU are in schools which are still not digitally equipped. The European Commission today unveils 'Opening up Education', an action plan to tackle this and other digital problems which are hampering schools and universities from delivering high quality education and the digital skills which 90% of jobs will require by 2020.

Between 50% and 80% of students in EU countries never use digital textbooks, exercise software, broadcasts/podcasts, simulations or learning games. Most teachers at primary and secondary level do not consider themselves as 'digitally confident' or able to teach digital skills effectively, and 70% would like more training in using ICTs. Pupils in Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic are the most likely to have internet access at school (more than 90%), twice as much as in Greece and Croatia (around 45%).

Higher education also faces a digital challenge: with the number of EU students set to rise significantly in the next...

(September 2013) Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training


The German government has recently concluded a policy paper on cooperation in vocational education and training. More and more countries want to work closely with Germany to reform their training systems. Germany contributes to finding solutions on the basis of its world-renowned dual system of vocational education and training. The document shows the concerted action which the German government takes in order to achieve sustained effects in partner countries. Various objectives are on the agenda:

• Promoting the employment of young adults through strengthening incompany   training elements in the European Union,
• Supporting governments, management and labour by way of consulting and know how-transfer,
• Covering the demand of German companies in Germany and abroad for skilled labour and strengthening the international commitment of German firms as well as technology transfer.

According to German Federal Ministery of Education...

(August 2013) Physics Program available in English Language


Now available - the entire Christiani Physics Program in Englisch language!

In any case it is worthwhile to take a closer look at it - the catalogue as well as the didactic documents for demonstration and (student) experiments will offer you great possibilities to discover "Physics" live.

Find out helpful physical teaching tools, experiment and demonstration equipment for teaching permanent physical skills through illustrative experimental examples.




(July 2013) European Alliance for Apprenticeships Launched


WorldSkills in Leipzig is providing the platform for educational policy.

Together with the EU Commissioners for Education and Employment, Androulla Vassiliou and László Andor, the German Federal Minister for Education, Johanna Wanka, launched a European Alliance for Apprenticeships on 2nd July 2013. The platform for the launch was the European vocational training conference, which was part of the "WorldSkills" conference in Leipzig.

The European Alliance is a key element of the European Youth Guarantee, which the EU is providing with six billion euros to combat youth unemployment. The Alliance has been signed by the EU Commission, the Lithuanian EU Presidency and European social partners. With six EU partner states, it goes back to the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) initiative for sharing the principles of dual training.

"The German dual system has received widespread interest in face of the alarmingly high youth unemployment rates in...

(June 2013) European Alliance for Apprenticeships


The European Commission is launching a European Alliance for Apprenticeships on 2 July 2013 in Leipzig. The Alliance is one of the key measures the Commission is proposing to tackle the all-time high youth unemployment rates. Its objectives include to improve the quality and supply of apprenticeships in Europe and to change the mind-sets towards apprenticeship-type training.


(April 2013) Education Budgets under Pressure in Member States


Investment in education fell in eight out of 25 Member States assessed as part of a European Commission study on the impact of the crisis on education budgets since 2010.

Read more:

(March 2013) European Commission welcomes Council Agreement on "Youth Guarantee"


Commission President José-Manuel Barroso commented "Too many young Europeans are asking if they will ever find a job or have the same quality of life as their parents. They need answers from us. That is why, for the past two years, the European Commission pushed the urgent need to tackle youth unemployment to the top of Europe's political agenda. 6 billion euros have been earmarked for the Youth Employment Initiative to help the young unemployed. Now, with the Youth Guarantee, young people have a real chance of a better future. I call on Member States to translate this agreement into concrete action as swiftly as possible."


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